We have set up a division to sell products that are not available in Japan using Japanese crowdfunding.
We are planning to build awareness and sales channels for products that have not yet been released overseas with Mr. Otake, one of the most powerful figures in the Japanese crowdfunding industry, as our business partner.
After the crowdfunding in Japan, we plan to exhibit at gift shows in Japan, and plan to sell to e-commerce stores such as Rakuten Ichiba, yahoo store, Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and so on.


Mechanical Design


I work mainly in mechanical design services. I have been engaged in the mechanical design of automated production lines for surface treatment plants in the private sector, and the planning of mechanical equipment plants for water and sewage facilities in the public sector.
I have been mainly engaged in mechanical design for more than 30 years, including the planning of mechanical equipment plants for water supply and sewage facilities for public projects.


Internet business


I have over 10 years of experience in merchandising business as an affiliate, Japanese Amazon, Yahoo! Auctions, Mercari, etc. as a sales manufacturer promotion.
I have also focused on attracting on line customers to FaceBook.
Recently, I have been involved in Amazon’s kindle publishing business, and have published dozens of books, as well as attracting kindle customers.

I have also been involved in the development of a crowdfunding-based sales department that will allow me to fully utilize my experience in this area.